Sarvenaz Asiedu | Trauma-Informed Creative (TIC) Life Coach
The life you’re waiting waiting for you.

What is TIC coaching?

For many trauma survivors, trigger responses hold them back from living their best life. In TIC Life Coaching, we bring triggers into the light, to learn how they both serve and hinder our potential. We will work together with your own unique needs in order to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Yes, it is for you. Yes, you can have it all. But it takes courage, patience, and support to get there.

Why use a creative approach?

Traditional therapies position patients in a powerless role - this work allows YOU to create your own experience.

The act of moving your body, and accessing your truth through creative play allows for healing in ways that we are not traditionally taught. We work to create a safe container for openness, truth sharing, and storytelling using vocalization, the body, and the arts.

TIC coaching is a big step towards your healing.

We will use creative tools to open doors to your hidden strengths:

Story Telling

Somatic Movement

Shadow Work

Dance therapy

Color therapy

Drama therapy

Play Therapy



Understanding trigger responses & learning to manage those triggers

Will Trauma-Informed Creative Life Coaching change my life?

To put it simply, yes.

And it require commitment: a dedication of time & energy for yourself. As a trauma-informed life coach, I am care-full with the trust I build with clients. We all need time to build trust. It is a sacred and intentional process. Give yourself time to ease into this coaching. Let yourself feel the bumps.


All information submitted on this form is held confidential. The details from this form will be seen my Sarvenaz Asiedu for client in-take purposes only.

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Scheduling Coaching Sessions: Which days and times in the week work best for you?
* Please indicate the VERY BEST times for you to meet. It is crucial to the success that you have made intention space in your schedule to show up for you own healing.

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TIC Life Coaching is offered in stages designed with your healing and safety in mind: Intro to TIC, Safety & Self Care, Healing and Growth.

Safety is important, and your comfort level with the investment is important to us.

Stage 1: Intro to TIC

Intro to TIC involves a 90 minute in-person meeting and includes initial consultation.

Fee: $200

Stage 2: Safety & Self-Care

Safety and Self-Care involves a three session commitment. Each session is 90 minutes, and is structured around your needs. At this stage, we will be working on developing trust and using creative tools to support your well-being.


Stage 3:  Deep Healing & Growth

After completing Stage 2, you will be ready to move more deeply into your healing and move confidently towards your life goals. A commitment to 5 sessions is required for Stage 3, as it requires consistency and time to safely move forward in your journey.

Self-care is always centered  as you are supported in creative and embodied self-discovery.

Fee: $850

Step Four: Spread Your Wings

For those that feel ready to take their personal journey to the next level, TIC Coaching will provide an opportunity to create a personal performance for an audience of your choosing. During 8 sessions, we will develop a performance using trauma-informed creative processes. Included will be a performance at a private location, and a moderated talk-back.

Fee: $ 1,500

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