Creating a culture of respect;

Response and Prevention of  Sexual Harassment and Violence in the Workplace/Community/Institutions

Ensure your employees at all levels from new-hires to upper management understand the impact of sexual harrassment on the work environment and the legal implocations. Create an trauma-informed environment in your community, school or business that supports open communication about personal boundaries.

“Creating a culture of respect” trainings differ from other corporate sexual harrassment trainings in that we focus on creating safe environments for employees, students, etc. to work at their full potential and help management understand that a safe work environment means a more productive environment for all.

CCR trainings are a combination of psycho-educational and self-defense trainings designed to improve safety and morale for all levels of your institution or community.

In the interpersonal section of “Creating a culture of respect”, participants will lear…

How to create safety for all genders and sexual identities in the workplace.

How to identify sexual harrassment and violence

How to respond  to sexual harrassment and violence

Bystander training

Role playing to practice responding to sexual violence and harrassment.

How to develop a cuture of respect

Trauma-sensitive interview techniques for interviewing “complainants, alleged harrassers and witnesses.

In the legal section of “Creating a cultue of respect”, participants will learn…

EEOC guidelines and legal considerations

What behaviors courts constitue as sexual harrasment

Tactical tips for testifyign at a deposition

Sexual violence and harrassment impact the individual and the collective in detrimental ways. Learning how to respond to micro-aggressions can diminisios the impact of sexual violence and harrassment and prevent more serious consequences.

Potential consequences of sexual violence and harrassment

Poor morale

Loss of employees, students, customers


Barriers to learning

Your employees, faculty, students will learn to identify instances of sexual violence and sexual harrassment, learn about micro-agression and how they lead to more serious behaviors, learn to respond as a bystander, learn your resposibilities in all professional roles.

Who will benefit from this training



Team leaders

Senior management/executives

personnel/HR managers/risk managers

Anyone in charge of managing, supervising or training employees


Mental health and medical professionals

First responders

Childcare workers