​​​​​How is deeprogramming different from other healing/therapeutic modalities?

Deeprogramming is a service for humans in search of mental and spiritual FREEDOM. Our services include face-to-face and online consulting to support your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Consultations may involve but are not confined to the use of spoken or written language.

You may want to contact a deeprogrammer if…

- People tell you that you should be in therapy but you know you’re not crazy.

- You don’t trust therapists.

- You’ve been to therapist(s) and they messed you up even more.

- You know there is something wrong with the reality you are experiencing and you don’t buy the prescribed solutions.

-You have had an experience with extra-terrestrials, and/or other non-human entities, and you have no one to talk to because you’re afraid of being sent to a nut-farm.

-You have been a victim of mind-control.

-Your lifestyle does not allow you to speak freely with people connected to the system.

-You want to remain anonymous.


What is “deeprogramming”?

Deeprogramming is an holographic, holistic, trauma-informed, anti-institutional approach to healing.

Unlike traditional psychotherapeutic or psycho-educational approaches, deeprogramming begins with the understanding that we are all living in a system of oppression that affects our well-being on all levels; emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical and relational.

Deeprogramming accepts that we live in a multidimensional reality.

The deeprogramming process makes room for extra-ordinary experiences and shuns the pathological model.

Deeprogramming holds that our most essential desire as human beings is the pursuit of FREEDOM.  The path to this illusive FREEDOM is found in the process of discovering our imprisonment.

Trigger responses hold us back from living our best life. In deeprogramming life coaching,  we bring triggers into the light, to learn how they both serve and hinder our potential. We will work together with your own unique needs in order to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Yes, it is for you. Yes, you can have it all. But it takes courage, patience, and support to get there.

Why use a creative approach?

Traditional therapies position patients in a powerless role - this work allows YOU to create your own experience.

The act of moving your body, and accessing your truth through creative play allows for healing in ways that we are not traditionally taught. We work to create a safe container for openness, truth sharing, and storytelling using vocalization, the body, and the arts.

deeprogramming  is a big step towards your healing.

We will use creative tools to open doors to your hidden strengths:

Story Telling

Somatic Movement

Shadow Work

Dance therapy

Color therapy

Drama therapy

Play Therapy



Understanding trigger responses & learning to manage those triggers